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Participation Guidelines

Who can participate?

Both graduate and undergraduate students from all programs and majors in the School of Management are invited to participate in our PRiME Competition, April 20-27, 2022.

Competition Timeline

September to January



Develop an individual or group project

  • Develop an assignment for one of your courses OR choose a research topic and do your own project that fits the competition scope. You may refer to the suggested list of research questions

  • Complete your project independently or in collaboration with a faculty member. The project can be part of an internship, graduate assistantship, or other extracurricular activity.

  • All sorts of projects, both individual and group, will be accepted for this competition.

February to March


Submit a paper and Links2-SDGs summary
  • Before March 1st: Submit your project as a PDF file (try not to exceed 15 pages). Use APA format for references and citations.
  • Include a Links2-SDGs - a one-page executive summary that explains how your project theme, scope, and purpose are related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Before April 1st: Upload your video presentation, and PowerPoint or poster. Follow these guidelines for preparing them.


Attend the PRiME event and awards presentation
  • PRiME Competition will be held on April 20-26, 2022
  • Awards ceremony takes place at the PRME Annual Event on April 27th, 6:00pm-8:00pm (PDT), 2022.
  • Judges evaluate your paper, summary, and presentation. They determine winners of the Grand Prize, 1st Place, and 2nd Place by employing a scoring rubric
  • Your video presentations and PPT/posters will be available to the public, students, professors, family members, competition sponsors, and community members to review them and cast votes on the website. The project with the highest number of votes wins the People's Choice Award.

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