Religious Clubs

All religious organizations on campus are approved by Student Life. To learn more about the process of being a recognized club or organization, visit the Clubs and Organizations website.

Catholic Life

Catholic Life provides opportunities for the Catholic Community at California Lutheran University to gather, worship, and learn. 

College Life

College Life is the college version of Young Life, a global high school Christian outreach program. This is a gathering where Christians and non-Christians can hang out, create friendships, learn about each other and themselves, and find out about having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Delight Cal Lutheran

A chapter of Delight MInistries, a nationwide ministry for college women that embraces community and growing together.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Fellowship in faith, through the use of athletics.  Challenging Christians to grow stonger in their faith.

Fishing Through Christ

A club that welcomes anyone with an open heart and mind.  The goal is to build a family that lives through Christ and shares the word of God through daily life and through the hobby of fishing. 

Hillel Club

A gathering for Jewish students to share their faith and traditions.

Lord of Life

The Lord of Life community of faith is the 'church' on campus.  The Lord of Life student congregational council creates and directs the activities of the Lord of Life faith comunity.  The community is centered in the love and grace of Jesus Christ, prompting actions of welcome.  We seek to be God's instruments in the world, acknowledging that it is God's work, our hands.  Regular worship is a hallmark of the community accented by a variety of service, fellowship, and learning activities. 

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association at Cal Lutheran seeks to achieve an inclusive community through cultural and religious discussion based on Islamic faith and tradition. We want to provide a safe environment for Muslims and non-Muslims to have an open dialogue. These conversations are meant to explore spirituality, ethics, and Muslim identity. But we also stress the importance of harmony with other religious and non-religious groups by exploring human identity. To promote understanding amongst students, faculty, and staff, we want to provide opportunities for Cal Lutheran members to learn about Islam and develop relationships with Muslims on campus.