January 2021 Session Descriptions

Fundraising for Church Leaders through Pandemics, Crises, and Turbulent Times

Regina D. Biddings-Muro, Ed.D

Course participants will learn how to better understand donors and accomplish fundraising goals. This session will pay particular attention to the topic that plagued (nearly) every professional fundraiser for the past 10 months: meeting fundraising needs during a global pandemic. Workshop participants will receive insight on types of innovation that is possible in fundraising where in-person activities are significantly restricted. Among other key takeaways from the session will be the critical role of stewardship in fundraising.

The session will feature breakout groups, exercises and other interactive activities.

Church Finances: How to Prepare, Mitigate, and Assess Vulnerability During a Time of Crisis

Bonnie Johnson

This session will review the financial status of the church by  drawing from current financial reports, and address congregational issues around financial management in a time of crisis.  How do we make certain we are prepared for the unexpected?  Is that possible? How do we mitigate the financial impact during the crisis?  What are some of the financial indicators to evaluate institutional vulnerability?  Looking specifically at COVID19 -  what questions do we need to ask when looking for assistance?  How do we demonstrate stewardship in the use of that assistance? ​

Digital Marketing Essentials for the Church Community

Sarah Fischbach, Ph.D.

This session combines the fundamentals of digital marketing with its application in the church environment.  The session will cover how churches approach inbound sales and content marketing in today's all digital world.  We will also explore the often overlooked yet essential skills of search engine optimization, website analytics, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing.

Using Organizational Development to Thrive

Tim Perlick and Reverend Sunitha Mortha

This session will focus on the following topics using an organizational development perspective:

  1. Typical Responses to COVID: Avoidance Goals
  2. Counter-Intuitive Responses to COVID:  Approach Goals
  3. Leading through a New Vision in Age of COVID
  4. Ministry with an outside-in perspective

Entrepreneurship and Congregational Management and Growth 

Dan Hieu Vo, Ph.D.

This session will explore how concepts relevant to Entrepreneurship can offer value to congregational management and growth. Specific topics covered will include:

  1. Seeking Value in Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship toolbox and congregation management
  2. Value Proposition Design: Know more about your congregation through customer discovery 
  3. Business Model Canvas - A Revisit: Setting up a framework to deliver values
  4. Implementation and Next Steps: Building an action plan for congregation management and growth