Board Meetings Recap - Oct. 28


Megan Callery was appointed to fill the vacant Junior Senator position.
$3,050 was allocated toward Exchange for Change event to be held on November 20th.
Both Senate and Programs Board approved to purchase 10 walkie talkies to be used by ASCLUG members at ASCLUG events. Senate will contribute 40%, Programs Board 20%, and Executive Cabinet 40% towards approximately $6,300 for the purchase.


(Senate will report what each Senator is working on next week. Below is taken from Board Meetings Recap - Oct. 7.)

Daniel Aldrete is working on getting marketing kiosks; he will meet with Sheri Matsumoto of University Marketing to discuss different designs for the marketing kiosks. Alejandra Cueva is looking around campus and taking pictures of where students could use more outlets as charging stations (for cell phones, iPad, etc.). Caleb Ardnt is speaking with Jeremy, manager of the CLU Bookstore, about an event called Exchange for Change where students will be able to donate their old CLU shirts and get a new one from the CLU Bookstore for free.

Lenaya Arzate is working on getting lights on the volleyball court near New West; she is currently awaiting response from Facilities. Lenaya is also working with the Mail Center to consider getting more mailboxes for students. Morgan McVey is looking into placing a fire pit near Mt. Clef. Josh Gray is working on finding affordable, seasonable storage units for students.

Courtney Sabile is working on getting lights in Kingsmen Park; she spoke with Mark Jacobsen of Facilities, and there is consideration for installing solar-powered lights. Abel Cocos is looking into getting Digiboo, a movie-on-the-go rental system. Because of the sun exposure in Mogen Lounge in late afternoon, Rachael Cortina is working with the Graduate Resident Director in Mogen to get blinds and tinting in Mogen Lounge. Mike Frieda is looking into getting a coffee machine in the library; he is considering which vending machine would be the best and most beneficial.

Ryan Luchs and Josh Wood found an affordable quote for skateboard racks in the Dining Commons and outside the library. Lauren Neiger is looking into the possibility of selling school supplies in the Residence Hall front desks or another location such as the front desk in the Middle Modular Unit; she is looking at quotes from different places.

Qiushi Yang is working on parking spaces for international students to park their cars during the summer months. Joette Carini is working on the magnets for recycling. Dan Lacey is working with Jae Park on digital signage to coordinate with social media.

Cody Jones is working on getting more student discounts at businesses near CLU. Michelle Grawet is working on improving the laundry systems on campus; she found a system that may change the laundry system permanently on campus. Gregg Salazar is working on getting more eco-friendly water filtration systems in the Residence Halls; he will meet with Mark Jacobsen of Facilities and walk around campus to see where new water filters are needed.

How to contact your Senators:

Please feel free to email any of the above senators with any questions, concerns, or comments. Click here to find their email addresses.

Programs Board

Chad Phillips was appointed to fill the vacant Programs Board Senior Rep position.


The "Bomb Squad" Committee (Committe Chair: Jasmine Waples, is a November Spirit Event (date TBD) at a basketball game. For giveaways, the committee plans to have air fresheners, stress balls, and rally towels.

The "Carlos' Gems" Committee (Committee Chair: Carlos Moran, is working on Skating Under the Stars (December 6th) at The Lakes. Sugar cookies and hot chocolate will be provided. Giveaways will involve the first 10 people to "Share" the event on Facebook.

The "Furious Flying Ferbees" Committee (Committee Chair: Laurel Skinner, is planning Drop In (November 8th) at Smashburger; the first 250 current, undergraduate CLU students will receive free food. The committee is also planning Let It Snow (December 13th).

The "Kuddly Koalas" Committee (Committee Chair: Ottilie Yee, is planning Rock the Campus (November 15th). So far, three performers will be playing, and pumpkin spice lattes will be provided. ASCLU President Andre Andoyan will MC the event, and Programs Board Rep Evan Carthen may possibly MC also.

How to contact your PB Reps:

Please feel free to email any of the above committee chairs with any questions, concerns, or comments.

Board Meeting Information

Senate Meeting will take place on November 4th at 5:20 pm in Swenson 101; Programs Board Meeting will also take place on November 4th at 7:15 pm in Swenson 101.

All Senators and Programs Board representatives invite YOU--the CLU students--to provide feedback and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to come to the meeting or contact any of your representatives at the email provided above.