Board Meetings Recap - Nov. 25


The League of Legends club was approved.
$6027.70 was allocated towards the purchase of cameras for Media Services.


(Senate will report what each Senator is working on at the next meeting. Below is taken from Board Meetings Recap - Nov. 25.)

Caleb Arndt is finishing up Exchange for Change. Daniel Aldrete is still talking with University Marketing about some design and is also working on a club grant competition.

Lenaya Arzate, Megan Callery, and Morgan McVey are getting gift cards (such as Trader Joe's, Starbucks, and Jersey Mikes) for the Senate tabling event. Lanyards are being ordered soon.

Courtney Sabile is moving forward with the purchase and installation of lights in Kingsmen Park. Because of the sun exposure in Mogen Lounge in late afternoon, Rachael Cortina is working with the Graduate Resident Director in Mogen to get blinds and tinting in Mogen Lounge. Rachael is working on a quote for window tinting.

Ryan Luchs and Josh Wood are looking into possibly broadcasting or recording Senate meetings. Lauren Neiger is looking into the possibility of selling school supplies (i.e., scantrons) in the Residence Hall front desks or another location such as the front desk in the Middle Modular Unit; she is looking at quotes from different places.

Qiushi Yang is working on parking spaces for international students to park their cars during the summer months. Joette Carini has ordered magnets for recycling and is now working on outreach. Joette is also talking with Campus Safety about motorcycle parking. Dan Lacey is working on increasing digital signage on campus.

Cody Jones is looking into getting order stations in Centrum. Michelle Grawet is working on improving the laundry systems on campus; she found a system that may change the laundry system permanently on campus. Gregg Salazar is finalizing everything with eco-friendly water filtration systems in the Residence Halls.

How to contact your Senators:

Please feel free to email any of the above senators with any questions, concerns, or comments. Click here to find their email addresses.

Programs Board


The "Bomb Squad" Committee (Committe Chair: Jasmine Waples, just finished the November Spirit Event (November 20th) at a basketball game.

The "Carlos' Gems" Committee (Committee Chair: Carlos Moran, is working on Skating Under the Stars (December 5th) at The Lakes. Please note that the date of the event has been changed to Thursday, December 5th.

The "Furious Flying Ferbees" Committee (Committee Chair: Laurel Skinner, is working on Let It Snow (December 13th); the committee is planning to have hot drinks, cookie decoration, sled, ornament decorating, and picture with Santa. Also, the artist for the Spring Concert will be announced.

The "Kuddly Koalas" Committee (Committee Chair: Ottilie Yee, just planned Rock the Campus (November 15th) where seven CLU student performers played. The committee is planning the December Spirit Event (date TBD).

How to contact your PB Reps:

Please feel free to email any of the above committee chairs with any questions, concerns, or comments.

Board Meeting Information

Senate Meeting will take place on December 2nd at 5:20 pm in Swenson 101; Programs Board Meeting will also take place on December 2nd at 7:15 pm in Swenson 101.

All Senators and Programs Board representatives invite YOU--the CLU students--to provide feedback and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to come to the meeting or contact any of your representatives at the email provided above.