2014-15 Senate and Programs Board Positions


All candidates are required to attend the Mandatory Candidates Meeting on April 1 at 5:15 pm on the Swenson Patio. Be sure to have read the 2014-15 Senate Election Packet before attending the meeting. The packet is also available for pick up in the Middle Modular Unit (across from Swenson Building).

If you have any questions, please email Andre Andoyan at asclupres@callutheran.edu.

Programs Board


Dear Programs Board Applicants,

Thank you for taking the first step! ASCLUG stands for the Associated Students of California Lutheran University Government and is arguably one of the premier leadership positions on campus. As a representative on ASCLUG, you become the formal voice of the student body, an advocate for the student experience, and the connection between students and the administration. You will gain valuable leadership experience that will benefit you in the classroom, in any future groups, clubs, or organizations, and ultimately in your professional careers.

Purpose and Duties of Programs Board:

The purpose of Programs Board shall be to represent the programming needs of the students of California Lutheran University, to set Programs Board budgets for the academic year, and to be the forum in which the ASCLU programming needs are heard and met. Past Programs Board events include: Howl at The Moon, Mr. Kingsman, Rock the Campus, Cosmic Bowling, Field Day, and Spring Formal.

Programs Board meetings are mandatory and are at 7:15pm on Monday nights.

All ASCLUG Terms will start May 1, 2014 and end April 30, 2015. Each representative is required to uphold his or her student government position as defined in the ASCLU Constitution. It is also mandatory for each selected member to attend the ASCLUG Spring Retreat on May 3, 2014.

Available positions include:

Programs Board

4 Sophomore Representatives

4 Junior Representatives

4 Senior Representatives

1 Commuter Representative

1 International Representative

Interviews for available positions will be rolling interviews with final decisions posted on April 9th.

If you believe everything above is right for you, please fill out an application at the link below:


If you have any questions please email Katy Crabtree at ascluprogdir@callutheran.edu or Evan Carthen at ecarthen@callutheran.edu.