ASCLUG Photographer and Marketer positions

Looking to be a part of ASCLUG?

Seeking students interested in either the photographer and marketer position for ASCLUG Executive Board. Description of each job listed below. Applications must be submitted by Friday April 30th by 5:00pm either by email or handed to any Executive Cabinet member. There is opportunity to apply for either or both positions. If you have any questions please email me at

To apply for photographer please submit three of your best photos of CLU. Take it how you wish whether it be of the campus, students, or event, this is your opportunity to show us your skills.

*These are paid positions

Executive Photographer Responsibilities:

  • Attend at least two (2) Senate and two (2) Programs Board Meetings a semester
  • Present at all Club Lu events
  • Upload picture to Facebook within 3 days of the Club Lu Event
  • Be at all Mandatory Candidate Meetings for Elections for both the Exec elections and the Fall and spring General Elections to take head shots
  • Other responsibilities as assigned
  • Send photos to Alumni Relations

To apply for Marketer please submit a poster of an example of how you would market for Fall Programs Board Selections and Senate Elections. Please include:

4 first year student
Mandatory meeting Tuesday September 16th
Elections will take place Monday 8:00am until Tuesday at 5:00pm on Blackboard.
Application in the ASCLUG Office

This is a great way to express your creativity and your perception of how to get the students aware.

Executive Marketer Responsibilities:

  • Attend at least two (2) Senate and two (2) Programs Board Meetings a semester
  • Attend one (1) meeting prior to the Fall General Elections, one (1) meeting prior to the Executive Cabinet Elections, and one (1) prior to the Spring General Elections.
  • Create marketing for all elections and events
  • Create Apparel Marketing
  • Other responsibilities as assigned