Board Meetings Recap - Apr. 14


$3,135 were allocated for the Clubs and Organizations Accountant student employment position.
$50 were allocated towards a Resident Assistant program in Mogen and Old West.
$221.42 were allocated towards the PreDental Society.
$600 were allocated towards the Triathlon Club.
$700 were allocated towards the French Club.
$366.13 were allocated towards the Chinese Culture Club.


Cody Jones is looking to give away padlocks for the skateboard racks.

Caleb Arndt recently planned the Exchange for Change event on April 23rd.
Josh Wood has completed his project to install skateboard racks. He's looking for giving away items as an outreach effort.
Michelle Grawet is in touch with Julius Bianchi for costs of installing a printer in Gilbert. Julius would like ASCLUG Senate to pay for the printer.
Joette Carini is working on the raffle items for the Exchange for Change event.
Chelsea Gutowski is looking for ways to get professors involved.

How to contact your Senators:

Please feel free to email any of the above senators with any questions, concerns, or comments. Click here to find their email addresses.

Programs Board

The "Jimmy Jamma Swimmas" Committee (Committe Chair: Jasmine Waples, is working on a May Support event (date and time TBD).

The "Gentleman's Cut" Committee (Committee Chair: Carlos Moran, is working a End of the Year event (date TBD; possible location: Trinity Patio).

The "TBC" Committee (Committee Chair: Laurel Skinner, is planning a support event for the track and field team. The committee is also planning to distribute Six Flags tickets valid for May 4th.

The "Cloch" Committee (Committee Chair: Ottilie Yee, is looking into supporting Green Week hosted by the Community Service Center.

How to contact your PB Reps:

Please feel free to email any of the above committee chairs with any questions, concerns, or comments.

Board Meeting Information

The last Senate Meeting of the academic year will take place on April 28th at 5:20 pm in Swenson 101; the last Programs Board Meeting will also take place on April 28th at 7:15 pm in Swenson 101.

All Senators and Programs Board representatives invite YOU--the CLU students--to provide feedback and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to come to the meeting or contact any of your representatives at the email provided above.