CLU to Offer Special Education Credential Program at College of the Canyons

CLU has recently entered into a partnership with College of the Canyons to offer a special education credential program for educators who hold an emergency permit or pre–intern certificate. The program, which will begin on the community college's Santa Clarita campus this summer, includes a master's degree option.

CLU's special education programs are specifically designed to prepare students to become reflective, principled educators with both theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the education of persons with disabilities. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the educational issues that surround special education as well as general education.

Along with offering the Preliminary Level I Education Specialist Credential and the Professional Level II Education Specialist Credential, CLU has developed a combined credential and master's degree option so that students may work on the two concurrently. A Special Education Resource Specialist Certificate Program is also offered.

For more information about CLU's Special Education Credential programs and the new credential offerings at College of the Canyons, call (805) 493–3127 or toll free 888–CLU–GRAD. You can also e–mail inquiries to clugrad@clunet,edu or check out the CLU Web site at for additional information.