Backing Up Your Data Files

Volume 2, No. 15

Whether using a PC or Mac computer platform, regularly backing up your data files is a wise practice. If you store data on the  U:\ drive (a network drive), data is systematically backed up.

For files stored in the My Documents folder on the computer’s hard drive, making back ups can avoid “great grief” should the system crash. Here’s how to make backups of files saved in the My Docments folder:

 For the PC
  1. Locate the My Computer icon on your desktop (or click the Start button in the lower left portion of the computer screen and locate My Computer in the list); click to open the My Computer window.
  2. Next, click the Up icon (yellow folder with a green arrow) on the toolbar to view the computer desktop window.
  3. Right click on the My Documents icon and select Copy from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click the Back button in My Docments window to return to My Computer.
  5. Open the U:\ drive and create a new folder called Backups.
  6. Paste the My Documents content (copied in Step 3) into the new Backups folder.
 For the Mac
  1. Locate the Macintosh HD icon on the computer desktop.
  2. Locate the folder where data files are stored currently; e.g., Documents.
  3. Copy this data file folder by accessing the Edit menu and then selecting the Copy function; e.g., “Copy “Documents.”
  4. On the dock or desktop, locate your user name icon (e.g., jdoe); this is your personal network folder.
  5. Open the U:\ drive window and create a new folder called Backups.
  6. Open the Backups folder and paste the data file folder copied in Step 3 (Edit menu, Paste Item).

 These are quick and easy methods for creating backups. Stay tuned to Tech Bytes because future issues will describe how to schedule backups to occur regularly and automatically.

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