Save On Monthly Cell Phone Costs

Volume 4, No. 4

 Leveraging a contract between the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) and AT&T Wireless, CLU employees can now receive a 15% discount on service plans and up to 25% off of equipment at an AT&T wireless store. The discounts exclude iPhone equipment, but include service plans for the iPhone. Discounts apply not only to staff, but to all numbers on a family plan as well.

To receive your discount, present the contract number 3156842 along with your CLU ID at an AT&T wireless store (they’ll even accept a pay advice). Existing AT&T customers can also receive the discounts, although account transfer fees may apply. Note that according to AT&T the discount may not appear for a couple of billing cycles.

 While CLU is not advocating one service provider over another, this is yet another benefit of working at CLU.

This Issue’s Techno Term:
Term:  handoff
Definition:  a term meaning to transfer a celluar call when the phone is moving away from the area covered by one cell and entering the area coverd by another cell; the call is transferred to the second cell in order to avoid call termination
Example in a sentence:   While Jill was traveling between Oregon and California, her mobile phone calls were uninterrupted due to the efficient handoff of each data session from one cell tower to another.

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