The Shortest Distance Between...

Volume 4, No. 10

Remember this math concept: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The shortest distance between your technical problem and the resolution is a call to the Help Desk. Here’s why:

  • The Help Desk telephone is staffed “live” with a technician 49 hours a week, 8-6PM Monday through Thursday and 8-5PM on Fridays.
  • When you email the Help Desk, a ticket is automatically created; the ticket number is sent to you immediately.
  • You can create, track and update tickets by logging in at with your CLU account ID and password.
  • Technicians are not always at their desks to answer their phones; calling a favorite tech instead of the Help Desk may actually delay the response to your request.
  • Contacting the Help Desk serves as a buffer* between you and your tech issue.

Take the prudent step and call the Help Desk (805-493-3698) or send an email  to

This Issue’s Techno Term:

  • Term:  buffer
  • Definition:  virtual space where data is stored for a short time so that the data is readily available
  • Example in a sentence:   When viewing video content from the Web, data may be accessed from the buffer allowing for the video to begin playing before the complete file is downloaded.
  • Source:

If you have questions or need assistance, please call the Help Desk at (805) 493-3698 or send e-mail to  Additional information is available at the Computer Training Website; in addition, an archive of previous Tech Bytes issues is located at