Eliminate Send Error Messages in Outlook

Volume 4, No. 14

Eliminate Send Error Messages in Outlook
      Ever find yourself confused when an error message displays indicating the email address for an intended recipient is wrong? Build some insurance into future email transmissions by engaging the Check Names icon in the Names category on the Message tab of the Ribbon when the New Message dialogue box is open. With the Check Names function, names and addresses are easily located for accounts formatted for the Microsoft Exchange server.

      Here’s the process:
      1. Open a new email message dialogue box
      2. In the To…: field type a portion of the recipient’s name; e.g., jac
      3. Now click the Check Names icon (location noted above)
      4. If more than one account with “jack” in the name are located in the directory, each will be listed in a dropdown list that appears. (the more characters typed, the shorter the list of displayed addresses)
      5. Use the arrow keys to move through the selection, highlight the correct name/address, and strike the Enter key (or click the OK button)
      6. A bonafide Exchange address is formatted as last name, comma, first name, and the entry will be underlined; e.g., Jackson, Thomas. This format confirms the address is correct.  

      Short-cut KeyTip: Save time by holding down the Alt key and then tapping the letter K key (ALT+K) immediately after typing a few characters of the recipient’s name. This short cut will make quick work of formatting addresses for Outlook email messages. 

      Those using Entourage on a Mac will follow a similar procedure.

      *This Issue’s Techno Term: 
      Term:  Exchange Server
      Definition:  A collaborative suite of software enabling users to centrally manage their email, calendars, contacts and tasks. 
      Example in a sentence:  After our organization installed an Exchange Server, I could access my email and all of my folders from home.
      Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exchange_Server

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