Meanwhile, Back at "The Ranch"

Volume 4, No. 15

    Seems like we just “got outa Dodge” and here it’s already time for the roundup. The trail leads back to “The Ranch,” and we’re ready for the herd (or maybe  chickens) to return.  To help all “pardners” prepare for round-up, here’s a list of technology upgrades performed over the summer; these upgrades will make the chores easier.

  • Datatel - Colleague (our Administrative Information System) was moved to a new and faster system. In the coming weeks the Datatel client will go Web-based, freeing up Mac and PC users to access the system via a browser.
  • MyCLU (the portal) is now operating on Blackboard (it was through Oracle before, but no one probably ever told you that); riding through MyCLU will be even smoother (more like a canter or lope than a trot).
  • Windows 7 (new Microsoft operating system for the PC) has been installed in all PC labs across campus, and will be slowly rolled out to the rest of the campus in the coming months. Maybe you’ll want to duck into one of the labs and take a look to be ready for questions from “the little doggies” (aka students).
  • Contribute (Web editing application) upgrades are in process for account holders who have requested the upgrade. If you haven’t “ordered” your upgrade yet, be sure to contact the Help Desk ASAP—(805) 493-3698.
  • Swenson Center is nearly complete and will be equipped with two computer labs and nine electronic classrooms. ISS has been busy installing 380 data ports, wireless access points, projectors, wide screen TVs, and other technology enhancements.

    Now, if you still find yourself sittin’ low in the saddle, just contact the Help Desk and the “pardners” over there will pony up and git you ridin’ high again.

     *This Issue’s Techno Term:

  • Term:  DLL (Dynamic Link Library)
  • Definition: A file containing a library of functions and other information that helps computer programs use resources, such as memory and hard drive space, more efficiently. DLL files are most commonly used by a Windows program on the PC, but they may also be referenced by Mac cross-platform applications.
  • Example in a sentence: The error message indicated a problem with my computer, but after the technician reinstalled the appropriate DLL file, the system worked flawlessly.
  • Source:

    If you have questions or need assistance, please call the Help Desk at (805) 493-3698 or send e-mail to Additional information is available at the Computer Training Wbsitee; in addition, an archive of previous Tech Bytes issues is located at