Building Blocks Enchance Both Speed and Accuracy

Volume 4, No. 24

This feature allowed for storing frequently used content and then recalling it with a few key strokes. For instance, a whole signature block could be inserted in a split second by typing a two- or three-letter code which had been assigned to the content. In Office 2007 “ AutoText” is now grouped with other repetitive functions and all of them are stored in the “Building Block Organizer.”  Other examples of Building Blocks are headers, footers, cover pages, organization name, company logo, and others.

Here’s how to create Building Block content and add it to the Building Block Organizer.

1.Select (highlight) the content to be stored as a reusable building block.
(To store paragraph formatting — including indentation, alignment, line spacing, and pagination — with the entry, include the paragraph mark (Paragraph mark) in the selection.
Note: To view paragraph marks, click on the Home tab and in the Paragraph group click Show/Hide.)
2.On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Quick Parts, and then click Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery. Alternately, avoid using the ribbon (toolbar) tools and just press ALT+F3.
3.Fill out the information in the Create New Building Block dialog box:

·Name -  Type a unique name for the building block.
·Gallery -   Select the gallery that you want the building block to show up in.
·Category -  Select a category, such as General or Built-In, or create a new category.
·Description -  Type a description of the building block.
·Save in -  Click the name of the template in the dropdown list.
(A template must be open to be displayed in the dropdown list of template names.)
·Options -  Choose one of the following:

§  Select Insert content in its own page to place the building block on a separate page with page breaks before and after the building block.
§  Select Insert content in its own paragraph to make the content into its own paragraph, even if the user's cursor is in the middle of a paragraph.
§  Select Insert content only for all other content.

4.       To insert the new Building Block into a document, select the Quick Parts tool in the Text category on the Insert tab; from the dropdown menu select Building Blocks Organizer and choose item from the list.

From the Microsoft Word 2007 Help library; search the library for more tips on how to access and use Building Blocks.

*This Issue’s Techno Term:
Term:CPS (Classroom Performance System)
Definition:A technology system that is used for educational purposes within a classroom; includes both hardware and software that works together to create a modern, interactive learning environment for students.
Example in a sentence:Most classrooms at Cal Lutheran are CPS-equipped.

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