Now, Where Did I Put That File?

Volume 5, No. 1

Your ISS collegeaues recommend saving work-related data to the U: or V: drive, which are housed on a central server and backed up nightly. Note that:

  • each CLU staff member has a user folder on the U: drive, which is only accessible by that user; and

  • staff can also save files to certain folders on the V: drive, which houses files shared within a department or functional workgroup.

Remember—keeping CLU data on the U: and V: drives frees you from having to worry about backing up files.

If you prefer to keep your data locally (i.e., on your computer’s hard drive), and particularly if you are a laptop user, the data will most probably reside:

  •  in the Documents folder on either a PC running the Windows 7 operating system, or on a Mac computer; and
  • in the My Documents folder on a PC running the Windows XP operating system.

To backup your data, follow instructions included in a previous Tech Bytes issue at:

If you are more adventurous,:

*This Issue’s Techno Term:

Term:  Head Crash
Definition:  : A head crash is a hard-disk failure that occurs when a read–write head of a hard disk drive comes in contact with its rotating platter, resulting in permanent and usually fatal damage to the magnetic media on the platter surface.
Example in a sentence:
  Jim lost all of the data on his computer due to a head crash; too bad he didn’t have a backup.

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