CLU Computer Purchase Deals

Volume 5, No. 5

Here at CLU most computers are recycled within the original department or travel to another department where the appliance may be used a student station or situated in an area with less use.  Eventually, however, computers are retired and may be donated to charities or sent to a State of California recycling center for proper disposal.

Now this is where YOU come in!

In recent years, the trend has shifted from desktop to laptop models, resulting in CLU accumulating some retired PC and Mac laptops ranging in age from four to six years; as such, these computers are “too young” to be retired, yet they are “too slow” for the campus network. If you are interested in one of these “seniors,” please take note:

  • Contact the Help Desk if you wish to purchase a used (but usable) laptop for the home.
  • Computers are sold with a legal copy of Windows or Apple OS software.
  • Sales are limited to one computer per household.
  • Sale tags range from $100 to $250; the final price will vary depending on model and age (of the computer—not the buyer).

Note: all proceeds will be deposited into the CLU general fund.

*This Issue’s Techno Term:
relating to electronics: to enable a consumer electronics product through the exploitation of software hacks allowing the product to be used in a manner not intended by the manufacturer
Example in a sentence:
  If you don't want to pay for AT&T on your iPhone, you can just jailbreak it.