We're Callin' You Out (for CLUMobileWeb)

Volume 5, No. 7

If you haven’t yet experienced Cal Lutheran’s website configured for mobile devices, now is your time to step into the mobile ring. Non-mobile device users can also check the mobile site out at http://m.callutheran.edu. At our mobile site, locate essential CLU information & services anytime, anywhere.  Here’s some tips:

  • If your mobile device doesn’t load a site that looks similar to the image located to the right , please use this address: http://m.callutheran.edu



  • If you use this address (http://m.callutheran.edu) on a desktop or laptop computer, you’ll get the CLUMobileWeb “About” page. It will look like the image located to the right.


  • While at the for CLUMobileWeb site, check out the video describing what to expect.

 *This Issue’s Techno Term
  PND (Personal Navigation Device or Portable Navigation Device)
  a portable, electronic device which combines positioning capability (such as a global positioning system) and navigation functions
Example in a sentence:
  Although the driver’s passenger was using a PND to help maneuver the couple through the city, they did not arrive at the theater in time to see the opening act.