Protecting Personal Identifiable Information

Volume 5, No. 20

January is Data Privacy Month, and we’re getting a jump on the topic.  On January 4 at 1:00–2:00 p.m. ET, EDUCAUSE Live! will host a webinar on data privacy with guest speakers Jolynn Dellinger (NCSA), Merri Beth Lavagnino (IU), and Nat Wood (FTC).

EDUCAUSE will host four additional webinars throughout the month which align with each week’s data privacy theme:

·        Week one: Global Data Protection

·        Week two: Fair Information Practice Principles and Legal/Regulatory Obligations

·        Week three: Relationship Between Privacy and Security

·        Week four: Protection of Personal Data

Watch for additional information on how you may participate in the webinars as well as learn more about how to protect your own and our students’ personally identifiable information. 

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