Digital Archive Houses CLU Publications

Volume 6, No. 5

The Pearson Library recently announced the launch of a new, free-to-the-public digital archive featuring back issues of The Echo (student newspaper) and Campanile and Kairos (college yearbooks).  Currently the archive includes:

  • all fifteen volumes of Campanile (1962-1976);
  • twenty-two volumes of Kairos (1977-1999); and 
  • thirty-six volumes of The Echo.

Back issues of our award-winning literary magazine, Morning Glory, will also be added to the e-collection.

The collection is accessible online, and it may be downloaded for offline viewing using either a PC or Mac computer. This Web-based version of the CLU yearbooks and The Echoincludes zoom-in, zoom-out, full-search, and text-to-speech capabilities. Download formats include Full Text, PDF, and Kindle-compliant, allowing users to view the entire archive on a number of portable e-readers. The project was undertaken with the help of Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library. To learn more about Internet Archive browse to or explore the entire CLU digital collection at

CLU joins hundreds of American university libraries and thousands of libraries worldwide in providing free books and archive materials to Web users.

*This Issue’s Techno Term
Term:  pen drive
Definition: another name for the USB flash drive, a data storage device
Example in a sentence:  Dr. Connelly paused a moment  when Linda referred to her USB flash drive as a “pen drive”; the latter term was foreign to him.

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