Quality Matters

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California Lutheran University is an institutional Quality Matters subscriber. We utilize Quality Matters (QM) standards to build online and blended courses. Our primary use of Quality Matters’ framework is to ensure courses are built to deliver their stated learning outcomes. The QM rubric and standards help provide structure to course design. Using the QM rubric, instructional designers and faculty can collaborate on the same framework. The framework provides a way to create course learning outcomes that align with course assessments, learning activities and instructional materials. Utilizing the QM process doesn’t interfere with academic freedom. Instructors deliver their course in their own teaching style. How the course material is delivered is up to the faculty who teach the course. Digital Learning focuses on how the course, looks, feels, and works. The purpose of alignment is to ensure students will be able to achieve course learning objectives upon completion.


You can learn more about Quality Matters from their website