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The Pearson Active Learning Classroom


  • Located at Lib 138 in the Pearson Library
  • If you need technical or pedagogical training, please submit a helpdesk
  • Check availability through Astra, then book by emailing (CoAS) or (SOM)

Details about the Pros and Cons of using the room, and activities and techniques you can use in the room to encourage active engagement with course material can be found here

Copyright and Fair Use

A brief note about fair use and copyright laws

You have more leeway for face to face classroom use of many materials. However, there are some restrictions. Fair use laws consider four factors:

  • The purpose and character of the use: Is your use transformative and is it for commercial uses or non-profit educational uses?
  • The nature of the copyrighted work: Is the work fiction or non-fiction, is published or unpublished? Non-fiction and published is safer.
  • The amount and substantialness of the portion taken: The less you take from the source work, the more likely your use will fall under Fair Use. The figure "up to 10%" is often used as a rule of thumb for a larger work, such as a book.
  • The effect of the use upon the potential market: This relates to several factors: Income of copyright owner, times used, number of copies, and if it is still in print.

 One of the factors that trumps all others is the income of the owner. For fair use to be a valid argument, you can’t use material in a way that directly deprives the creator of money. For example, since AccelerateLearning sells its materials for classroom use, you can’t use those materials without permission and claim fair use. Workbooks and images can have similar restrictions.

When looking for material, be aware that just because it is online, doesn’t mean it is free to use. Search for materials we already have permission to use via the Pearson library databases. You can also search for open source course materials from MERLOT II or OpenStax or for media that has fewer copyright restrictions at

Finally, always properly attribute all materials, whether fair use or creative commons, by providing a by line that includes the name of creator/owner, name of work, and the type of license it falls under.  

For more information, go to the Pearson Library’s discussion here.