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Media Madness: Getting Videos and Audio into Blackboard


There is nothing like the cacophony of sound you experience when videos autoplay in Blackboard. And what about “This Plug-In is not Available?” Such a treat. Or just videos flat out not playing in class! Lovely. Well we’re here to talk about that!

Video Recording: Light it up with the Lightboard


Come and witness the new light of your life: CLU’s Lightboard! Finally ready for those who have eagerly awaited it, PowerPoint integration is now included alongside your ability to write out your equations, draw your diagrams, and illustrate your thoughts.

Video Recording: Tools for Recording


Your must have resource for all of our available recording tools online and tools available for rental! Join us to get a look at all the rentable cameras, microphones, and tablets for enhancing your recordings in your office or your classroom! We will also discuss resources for recording and posting to Blackboard or other websites for students and colleagues alike.