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Blackboard is an invaluable tool that can greatly enhance your courses. Here you'll find guides and references to help you make the most of Blackboard.

Frequently Asked

How do I enter midterm and final grades?

Midterm and final grades cannot be transferred automatically from Blackboard to WebAdvisor: you need to enter the letter grade manually.

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How do I do a content or course copy?

To copy materials from one course to another, make sure you are listed as Instructor in both sections. Each class will need to be active in the Blackboard course view.


Why isn't my class listed in MyCLU?

To see if your course has been released yet, view the course creation schedule. If it should have already been released, you might not be associated with it. Contact your department head and the registrar so they can get you into the system. After they do, your course will appear automatically in your MyCLU course list.

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How do I access the class roster?
How do I create an assignment?
How do I edit or delete an assignment?
How do I export or import a test?
How do I add a video or audio clip in Blackboard?
How do I create an item in Blackboard?



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