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Attend our weekly Lunch Series every Thursday where you'll learn about about a variety topics.
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Media Madness: Getting Videos and Audio into Blackboard


Join us to learn about some options to help avoid common issues with media in Blackboard. We will be discussing ways to use Panopto, Google Drive, and Blackboard itself to provide content to your students easily and without the playback problems. Even if you are unable to attend, feel free to RSVP to get a link to the recording after we're done, along with other helpful resources.

Lecture Recording: The Value of VidGrid


Come witness our new hosting and video-recording platform: VidGrid. With a variety of options for recording, from allowing you to move and adjust your webcam while recording to annotating as you go, it's unlike anything you've seen before! This new system is easy to use and integrates with Blackboard in several ways. It also includes FREE AI captioning services that you can edit in-player for maximum ADA compliance for your students, and quizzing and analytics features. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to RSVP for a software license a link to a recording and other helpful materials after the session.

Perfecting You Presentation Series Part 3: Create Your Own Graphics


For times when you can’t find what you want online, we’ll show you how to create graphics in PowerPoint. We also explore software that might intimidate you, but shouldn’t! That is, we’ll dip our toes into the magic of Adobe, for those times when PowerPoint just can’t do it. RSVP to receive a webinar link or for other helpful resources when the workshop is over.

Lecture Recording: Capture with Camtasia


Camtasia allows you to capture screen and webcam footage, and edit them separately in the included editing software. You can also include callouts and quizzes, edit your sound, and do it all from the comfort of your home office. The first three to RSVP will receive a free license courtesy of Digital Learning! RSVP to receive a link to the Zoom session or for helpful materials after the workshop is done.