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Recorded Lectures - Solutions for Your Subject
Walk-In Workshop

Spies-Bornemann Center

Implementing new technology can be hard, especially if you don’t know where to start. On three days, our Lecture Capture Specialist will be available three hours for walk-ins to discuss specific solutions for your class, your subject, your topics. It’s a workshop all about you!

Department/Center Chair Workshop: Budgeting and Hiring Adjunct Faculty

Lundring Events Center

Learn about budgeting from Terry Spehar-Fahey and hiring adjunct faculty from Karissa Oien.

IRB Workshop

Ullman Commons 100

Learn from members of the IRB board what you need to do to make sure your proposals go through without a hitch.

Strategies for Improving Your PowerPoints

SBET 127

The semester is coming to a close and I’m sure you’ve had to reevaluate a PowerPoint or two. How can you get your PowerPoints to stand out from your colleagues when you’re all using the same thing? How can you ensure your students will be able to see your content through all the purple and white slides? Is that student in the back even awake or did that paragraph of text put him to sleep? Join us for a workshop on how to bring a little life to your presentations for next semester.

Planning for a Successful Summer

SBET 127

Do you put your big projects off to the summer? In this workshop, we'll be talking to faculty who have successfully written, done research, displayed art, developed courses, and still took time for themselves over the summer. 

Plenty of PowerPoints in the Sea

SBET 127

Have you gotten tired of PowerPoints day after day? Do you find yourself skipping back and forth between slides? Does your brain just not work in left and right arrows? Good news! There is more than one way to present your information in the classroom. Together we will meet and discuss other available options outside of PowerPoint that can meet your needs next semester.