Blended/Flipped Learning

Are you interested in a blended course or flipped class design? Pre-recording lectures for the students to watch at home can be challenging, but it also gives you the ability to move away from the "sage on the stage" model and incorporate more active learning in your classroom. The resources below will tell you the why and how of blended learning.

Blended Learning Guide for Faculty

This guide, Assessing the Empirical Evidence and Creating and Facilitating Blended Learning in Undergraduate Classes, was created for the express purpose of:

  1. Exploring pedagogical reasons that support a transition from a fully face-to-face class to a Blended classroom environment,
  2. Examining “best practices” for Blended classroom design, and
  3. Communicating practical strategies for facilitating the blended classroom

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Best Practices for Pre-Recorded Lectures

Watch this demonstration to learn what techniques work well in "flipping" the classroom.

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