Video Development FAQs

I want to record my lecture, and it's about an hour long; is that ok?

While it is normal to lecture for an hour at a time in a face-to-face class, an hour video is far too long for most students. The recommendation is to chunk your information into 7-12 minute segments so you do not overwhelm them and it is easier to find and rerecord information.

I have a YouTube video that I want to record in my lecture. What's the best way to do this?

Because you are capturing a video that belongs to another person, this would actually be a form of copyright infringement. It would be better to link the video separately in your Blackboard course to avoid this.

How many videos do I have to record for my online course?

The amount of recorded lecture time required for an online class varies depending on the program.

  • The Bachelor's for Professionals program requires a minimum of 10 hours of recorded lecture for an 11 week course.
  • The School of Management MBA and EMBA program goes based on Carnegie hours (50 minutes), but does not have a required amount of time for recording. 

The recommended amount is one hour per week of class, but please reach out to one of our instructional designers for further clarification. You can find their contact information here: Contact Us.

Do I have to write a script for my lectures?

You are not required to write a script for your recorded lectures, but you are strongly encouraged to do so. A script will keep you on track, prevent lengthy tangents, and excessive filler words (um's, uh's, ah's). Overall it provides a cleaner lecture for your students.

What is the best software or hardware for recording?

Here at CLU, we have several options available for recording on campus. There is Panopto, which integrates with Blackboard and Camtasia, which is available at the CTL studio, but there are also several free softwares that are available online. There is also the new Lightboard to use for more text or math heavy lectures. Reach out to the Lecture Capture Specialist for recommendations! 





Existing Videos FAQs

SCORM Packages
Myself or my students are having problems viewing videos in Blackboard.

More often than not, this problem is caused by watching your videos in an internet browser other than Firefox. If watching in Firefox does not solve the problem, please reach out to our Lecture Capture Specialist or email helpdesk@callutheran.edu.

Why can't I copy my videos over to my new Blackboard course?

If you have uploaded a SCORM package to your course (it shows as a package or box in Blackboard), then you can not copy this file individually. You will need to copy the entire module to your new course. If you need help with this, please contact either our Lecture Capture Specialist, or our Learning Technology Support Specialist.

Why can't my students access my Panopto videos?

Most likely the sharing permissions for the videos are not correct. Go to the video(s) in Panopto. Select the Share icon at the top. From the Sharing dropdown menu, select "Anyone with a link" and save your changes. Ask a student to test this to verify.

Why isn't my Panopto video processing?

This is a problem with the Panopto processing system. It can be fixed through the back end, so please reach out to the Lecture Capture Specialist so they can contact Panopto support.

Panopto no longer supports Microsoft Silverlight; what do I do with my videos?

Reprocessing your Panopto videos is the best course of action at this time. In order to do this, go to the Settings of the video you would like to update and select Manage from the left hand column. At this point, Panopto recommends making a copy of your video in the event something goes wrong. Once the copy has been made, return to the Settings > Manage tab and click Re-Process. This will re-process and re-encode your video to reflect the current system settings and allow the video to be played without Microsoft Silverlight.

How do I prevent my MP4s from playing automatically in Blackboard?

When uploading an MP4 into Blackboard, it is instinctual to select Video from the Build Content dropdown menu. Instead, select Item. After you have selected Item, you will need to select the Insert/Edit Embedded Media button in the Text Box. A window will open with settings options. First, change the Type to HTLM5 Video, then click Browse My Computer and select your video. Once the URL appears, click Insert at the bottom of the page. Then click Submit on the main Create Item page.

  Still having a problem? Contact Kaitlin Hodgdon at khodgdon@callutheran.edu or x3931