Faculty Projects

We use a team approach to help faculty develop projects related to teaching and learning. The scheduling and implementation process of faculty projects is based on equability and time limitations.

New course redesigns, Blackboard, and other projects are developed on a continuing basis. All faculty are invited to submit redesign proposals.

Projects currently under development

Project Faculty / Staff
Coalition Bargaining in the EMBA Program Judith Richards and Kaitlin Hodgdon
English Placement Essay Brian Rasmussen, Maria Kohke, and Cynthia DeMartino
Hybrid Study Chad Barber, Cynthia DeMartino, Ken Gardner, Cynthia Grether, Minyan He, Joseph Henle, Kirk Lesh, Theresa Rogers, Jean Sandlin, Harry Starn, Nathan Tierney, Bill Watkins
Drama Database Michael Arndt (Theatre Arts)
World Civilization Slide Database Paul Hanson (History)
Coastal Chumash, Stories of Contemporary Native Americans in California, from a grant Humanities for the Arts Michaela Reaves (History)
New Dance, New Dream, New Home, New preschool fundraising video Shannon Yasman (Estate & Gift Planning)
Case Video Promo, promo to raise funds for CLU Vision 2014 Stephen Wheatly (University Advancement)
If these Walls Could Talk, Fund raising video for North Campus Stephen Wheatly (University Advancement)
Community Assessment Conference video, School of Business Charles Maxey (Business)
Synod Report, Church Relations video. Produced Annually Reg Shultz Ackerson
Foodshare promotional video Bob Musica
Easter Seals promo video, done as a service learning project Janice Rossi
Recruitment Tape Basketball video Jeff Danes

Previous projects

Project Faculty Description
The Collins Collection Barbara Collins (Biology) The Collins Collection consists of digitized images of the flora of Southern California. Professor Collins' project raised a question we've had in other proposals about image database storage and retrieval. The Center researched this technology and Carole Thompson (ISS) created the programming that helped Professor Collins complete the project.
The Echo Online Druann Pagliassotti (Communication) The Echo Online was developed to bring the campus print newspaper into the digital age. Updated by students, the online Echo gives students experience with online journalism including HTML and scanning and digital manipulation of photographs. The project data base was constructed and is maintained by CLU's computer science students.
Marine Ecosystems Videos Andrea Huvard (Biology) Marine Ecosystems Videos of shallow water coastal marine environments shot in Hawaii and the Channel Islands. The underlying message of these high quality underwater educational videos is preservation and conservation of marine habitats. These instructional videos Beneath the Surface: Catalina Island and Beneath the Surface: Hawaiian Islands under the auspices of the CLU Press and can be ordered at (805) 493-3515 at $30.00 each.

Projects prior to 2002

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