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A Comparison of Hybrid and Traditional Courses in a Small Liberal Arts University

Starting fall 2014 and continuing through the spring, a research group composed of faculty, staff, and administrators will be conducting a study comparing the effects of course content delivery modality on student learning. Learn more about the study in this document.

Do Online Learning Modules Have a Role in Information Literacy Instruction?

Henri Mondschein (Information Systems Services) presented the poster at the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition held on June 26 in Las Vegas. Collaborating with Mondschein on the research were Cia De Martino (Center for Teaching and Learning), Rodney Reynolds (Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research) and Nicole Stanoff (Graduate Psychology). Mondschein‘s project evolved from participation in the Association of College and Research Libraries Assessment in Action 2013-14 program.

The Effect of Policy Activities on Learning as Policy Belief Change and Belief Reinforcement

Andrew Pattison (MPPA) presented his paper at the Western Economic Association International Annual Conference in Denver on June 30. He also presented his paper “The Effect of Acquired Information and Information Sources on Learning as Policy Belief Change and Belief Reinforcement” at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference in Chicago on April 5.

Engaging The Voices of International Students

Loredana Carson (MPPA program) and Mary Jo Shane (Management) presented their paper at the Teaching Society for Management Educators (OBTC) 2014 conference at VanderbiltUniversity June 11-14.

Going Mobile! The Effects of Mobile Devices on Online Course Evaluations

Karissa Oien (Academic Affairs) and Melinda Wright (Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research) presented at the 2014 Association for Institutional Research conference in Orlando on May 29.