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Friday, January 11, 2018 


Ullman 103




Friday, January 18, 2018


Ullman 103

Performance Management and Communication

Part of the Supervisor Academy *, this course is designed to provide the framework of performance management and the ongoing communication necessary for goal setting, identifying and providing training needs, and feedback of expectations and representative duties for the staff member to continually learn and grow within their position and with Cal Lutheran.

Who should attend: Current supervisors.


Leaves of Absence and Returns

Part of the Supervisor Academy*, this module will cover the different types of state and federal unpaid, job-protected leaves, addressing how to prepare for your employee’s leave, what your responsibilities are during the leave, and how to support your employee following their return from the leave.

Who should attend: Current supervisors and those who aspire to become supervisors.


















*The Supervisor Academy consists of multiple modules designed to equip current or aspiring supervisors with the practical skills they need to supervise effectively.