OU Campus Training Videos

OU Campus is the website editing platform for CalLutheran.edu that allows departments who have a website to keep their information updated. OU Campus is a web-based tool, which means you can access it from any computer, on or off campus.

OU Campus screenshotIn order to be given an OU Campus account, you'll need to go through our (brief) training session to learn how it works. You'll watch a series of short videos that will teach you how to accomplish common tasks for managing your web content.

If you have not already requested an OU Campus account from University Marketing, you can send a request to web@callutheran.edu.

Ready? Let's go!

View the FAQ page to find quick answers to common questions about OU Campus.

Training Videos

  1. The Menu Bar
    Learn how to navigate OU Campus.
  2. Introduction to Editing
    The basic process for making web page updates, from start to finish.
  3. Text Styles
    Format your text using custom, predefined styles.
  4. File Saving and Publishing
    Learn how to make your edits live on the website.
  5. Working with Links
    Add links to your page, either as normal text links or buttons.
  6. Working with Graphics
    Include photos and other images on your pages.
  7. Embedding Video
    Learn how to place a YouTube video on your page.
  8. Working with Snippets
    Use pre-formatted content types to help you design and organize your page's content.
  9. Assets
    Learn how to place commonly used content on multiple pages while only editing it in one place.
  10. New Pages
    Learn how to create and publish new pages on your website.
  11. Accordions (Snippet)
    A popular Snippet that lets you add a dropdown widget to revel and hide content.
  12. Layout Columns (Snippet)
    Add columns to your page to organize your content.
  13. Data Table (Snippet)
    Add a table to your page to display content in formatted rows and columns.
  14. Department Staff Listing
    How to manage a Staff listing page.
  15. Editing the Footer
    Update your department's contact and address info in the blue footer on your website.
  16. Image Galleries
    Want to add a photo gallery? Learn how to create one and add photos to it.
  17. Linking to a Document
    Learn how to upload files, like PDFs, to your website so you can link to them in emails and other ways.
  18. Updating a Document
    Replace an existing document with an updated version of the same file.
  19. Schedule a Page Publish
    Want your changes to "go live" at a certain time? Find out how to schedule a publish.
  20. Tabs (Snippet)
    Organize your page's content into clickable tabs.
  21. Page Versioning & History
    Did something go missing on your page? Want to revert to a past version? You can!