OU Campus FAQs

Here you'll find quick answers to a variety of questions about using OU Campus.

How do I update the title at the top of my page?

When you edit a page, you'll notice that the page title is in the greyed-out section of the tempate and can't be edited. To change the page's title, first click on the lightblub icon at the top to check out the page. It should turn yellow. Then, click the "Properties" button at the top to access to the page properties. On this screen you can update the title in three places:

  • Document TItle
    Displayed in the tab at the top of your browser and used in search engine results.
  • Breadcrumb Name
    Displayed in the "breadcrumb" navigation section of the template. If you have a long page title, it's best to make this a shortened version.
  • Content Heading
    Displayed at the top of the page's content (the large, purple font)

After making your changes, click the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the page, and then the green "Publish" button at the top of the page.

How do I add or edit news items and events?

Some content, such as news items and events that come from the HUB or Arts & Events calendars, are not managed in OU Campus. If your website has news and events, that content will need to be managed in the "Control Panel" -- a separate tool that powers some parts of the website. For more details about the Control Panel, please contact us at web@callutheran.edu.

How do I update faculty profiles that are listed on my website?

Faculty profiles are managed in the "Control Panel" instrad of OU Campus. We encourage faculty to update their own profiles in MyCLU. If you are responsible for managing faculty profiles in your school or department, please contact us at web@callutheran.edu for access and training.