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At Cal Lutheran, our dedicated and accomplished faculty works with small classes of undergraduate and graduate students who are open-minded — about ideas, about people, and about faith — and are seeking to grow as individuals while they pursue their passions and discover their purpose.

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Business Students

The Year In Review
Lori Varlotta

Lori E. Varlotta selected as eighth president

Lori E. Varlotta became the eighth president — and the first woman in the position in the university’s 61-year history — in September 2020. Her 35 years in higher-education leadership helped her to successfully manage the response to the pandemic and budget challenges, as well as lead the university in revising its approach to accountability and diversity, equity and inclusion.


Swenson Science Center

Facilities open for research, creative work and classes 

Construction was completed on the state-of-the-art Swenson Science Center in summer 2020. Although the pandemic limited the building’s full use, students began conducting research in the labs in fall and classes began to meet in it in spring. A new Music Production Studio with the latest hardware and software tools for recording, mixing and post-production sound opened in fall.

living in the COVID-19 pandemic

Pandemic spurs innovations 

Outdoor classrooms erected with lighting, heat and technology provided students with the option of safe in-person instruction throughout most of the 2020-2021 year. New 360-degree cameras in outdoor and indoor classrooms enabled students to attend either in person or remotely.  Summer classes were all held virtually for the first time, resulting in record enrollment, and the shortened fall semester allowed for the addition of intersession — an all-virtual term between fall and spring offered at a discounted rate.


SOM receives ACBSP accreditation

The international Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) granted the School of Management full accreditation in January 2021. This was the first time Cal Lutheran sought separate accreditation for its business programs.

New program

University expands programs, updates curriculum

New majors in ethnic and race studies and sports management launched in fall, and a public health minor began in the spring. Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary began an online Master of Divinity program in the fall and launched its Center for Climate Justice and Faith. Also in fall, the university offered its first courses revamped under a federal grant to be more culturally responsive to students who are underrepresented in higher education.


Dorfman redirects $4.8 million

In response to the economic challenges spurred by COVID-19, former Hughes executive Steven Dorfman redirected $4.8 million — originally donated to the School of Management for a new building — to support students and entrepreneurship. The money is funding scholarships, activities, grants for promising startups involving students and alumni, and an endowed professor of practice in entrepreneurship.


Fellowships focus on community service

The inaugural cohort of 20 AmeriCorps Fellows began serving Ventura County’s low-income and immigrant populations in January 2020. The first-in-the-nation pilot program helps students pay for college through public service. At the same time, Cal Lutheran’s first three Community Scholars for Black Lives completed projects they developed to increase awareness of systemic racism in health care, the media and the workplace.

US News

University receives national, regional recognition

In September 2020, U.S. News ranked Cal Lutheran 10th among 124 regional universities in 15 Western states. The university was the fifth Most Innovative School in the region, seventh among Best Colleges for Veterans and 13th among the Best Value Schools. KCLU Radio News Director Lance Orozco earned the Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award and the Radio Television Digital News Association National Edward R. Murrow Award for best breaking news coverage among small-market stations throughout the country.


Drive-in commencement for ’20-’21 graduates

The classes of 2020 and 2021 were honored at unique in-person, drive-in ceremonies at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. The graduates were cheered on by families from vehicles parked around a four-sided elevated stage. Almost 300 alumni from the Class of 2020 returned to celebrate at their May 15 ceremony. 

Cal Lutheran Campus

New plan for shared governance takes shape

In May 2021, the Board of Regents officially endorsed the decision-making matrix and definition of shared governance developed over eight months by a task force that collected input from the universitywide community. The Board of Regents also approved updated University Bylaws. These actions will help Cal Lutheran codify a shared-governance system that promotes inclusivity, transparency and accountability.

By the Numbers

Financial Report 2020-2021

California Lutheran University did well financially during the fiscal year ending May 31, 2021. Total institutional assets increased to $408.3 million, up from $382.9 million in the previous year. Net assets (total assets less liabilities) rose to $308.7 million, up from $270.1 million, due to primarily to market gains in the endowment.

Revenues and Expenses

Due to market gains in the endowment, positive operating results and donor contributions, revenue exceeded expenses by $38.6 million. Total revenues and gains/losses are $144.8 million, up from $136.5 million in the previous fiscal year. Operating revenue decreased to $112.8 million from $125.8 million in the prior year primarily due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on student room and board revenue . Nonoperating revenue was $32 million, up from $10.7 million in the prior year primarily due to market gains in the endowment.  Net tuition revenues in 2020-2021 decreased to $81.1 million from $83.7 million in the previous year. (All of the revenue figures above are net calculations. They do not count tuition covered by institutional scholarships and grants: $62.8 million in 2020-2021 and $64.8 million in 2019-2020.)

Expenses decreased to $106.1 million for the fiscal year, down from $120.5 million primarily due to planned reductions in expenses to offset revenue shortfalls from COVID-19 restrictions.

Balance Sheet

Total assets increased by $25.5 million, liabilities decreased by $13.1 million, and net assets increased by $38.6 million. Cash and short term investments increased to $74.2 million from $72.6 million, primarily due to positive operating results and federal aid.

Contributions receivable decreased to $3.5 million, from $4 million. During the year, the value of Cal Lutheran’s endowment increased by $30.2 million to $145.7 million, primarily due market gains.

The endowment fund helps to ensure the university’s long-term financial health and stability and to provide an affordable education, including scholarships and grants, for current and future generations of students. Donors’ gifts are invested in perpetuity with a portion of the income available for university needs and the remainder reinvested to maintain future buying power.

Our property, plant and equipment decreased to $149.8 million, from $152.7 million in the previous year, primarily due to depreciation.

Donor Contributions

Donor contributions are a significant factor in the continued financial strengthening of Cal Lutheran. Charitable giving during the period consisted of 45,835 gifts and pledges from 11,267 donors, including alumni, parents of students and alumni, friends, churches, corporations, foundations and other organizations. A breakdown of gifts and pledges as recorded in the audited 2020-2021 fiscal report includes:

  • Unrestricted Gifts1: $3,549,977
  • Restricted Gifts2: $7,215,151

We are grateful to all of our 2020-2021 donors for sharing in Cal Lutheran’s mission and success. For additional information about our audited financial statements, please visit the Office of the President’s website.

1 Includes Church and Annual Giving
Includes Capital, Endowment, Scholarships, Deferred and KCLU






Thank You!

None of our successes would be possible without the generous support of our alumni, family and friends around the world. With your gifts to Cal Lutheran, you drive our mission to prepare leaders for a global society. Your support means improved facilities, a world-class faculty, and most important, opportunities for our students to discover their purpose. Thank you!

Below is a list of those who generously supported Cal Lutheran during the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

University Advancement has made its best effort to provide complete and accurate information for this Honor Roll listing. If you notice any inadvertent errors or omissions, please contact Advancement at 805-493-3160 or

Thank you.

leaf Oak Tree Society (Donors to the CLU Annual Fund for three or more years consecutively)
Donor to Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

  • Mr. Nicklas '96 and Mrs. Georgette Aaberg
  • Mr. John Aakre and Mrs. Cynthia Michael leaf
  • Ms. Leah Aasen
  • Ms. Rhonda Aasen leaf
  • Rev. Kathleen L. Aasheim '03
  • Mr. Bradley and Rev. Debra '05 Abbott
  • Mr. Dale '95 and Mrs. Linda '91 Abbott
  • Mr. Richard '84 and Mrs. Kathy Abbott
  • Tarek Abed
  • Mr. Eduards and Mrs. Jill Abele
  • Dr. Moustapha and Mrs. Joan Abou-Samra
  • Ms. Pamela Abraham
  • Mrs. Menyon Abraham-Scott
  • Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Carol Abramson
  • Mr. Brunton and Mrs. Rhonda '88 Abramson
  • Wendy Abrego
  • Ms. Karly M. Absher '18
  • Mr. Chad Acerboni
  • Mr. Jeremy R. Ackmann '21
  • Mr. Juan and Mrs. Andrea '01 Acosta
  • Jacob Acton
  • Dr. Elizabeth '16 and Mr. Christopher Adams
  • Mrs. Kristina R. Adams '91 leaf
  • Ms. Stacey R. Adams '02 leaf
  • Ms. Sharon Adler
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation
  • African Descent Lutheran Association - Los Angeles Chapter
  • AGIA, Inc.
  • Ana Aguayo
  • Mr. Carlos and Mrs. Jennifer '01 Aguero
  • Eliana Aguilar
  • Mr. Francisco A. Aguilar and Mrs. Delmy J. Castillo
  • Ms. Kayleen Aguilar
  • Mr. Edward and Mrs. Samantha '16 Aguilar
  • Mr. Donald and Mrs. Tracy '92 Aguilar
  • Mr. Edgar Aguirre '99 and Mrs. Siana-Lea V. Gildard '96
  • Ms. Karla J. Aguirre '20
  • Mr. Armando and Mrs. Patricia '03 Aguirre
  • Ms. Teresa Agustin '19
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara '04 Ahlman
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Ahlquist leaf
  • Mr. William Ahmanson leaf
  • Mr. Kirby M. Ai '13
  • Dr. Alireza and Mrs. Terri Akbari leaf
  • Mrs. Kristen Akl
  • Mr. Jerry K. Akune and Mrs. Jane E. Akune '82
  • Ms. Esmeralda Aladuena Salcido '20
  • Mr. Peter '83 and Mrs. Tina Alamar leaf
  • Ms. Maria Alamin leaf
  • Mr. Brandon Alana
  • Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Catherine Alana
  • Alaska Synod - ELCA
  • Mr. Haider Alawami
  • Ms. Alexandria R. Albaeck '18
  • Mr. Mike '19 Alcozar
  • Mr. Gustavo A. Aldana '01 and Mrs. Kristin C. Aldana-Taday leaf
  • Mr. Jose and Mrs. Guadalupe Aldana leaf
  • Mr. Jorge J. Alegrias and Mrs. Zoila E. Asencio
  • Mr. Conrad '14 and Mrs. Jessica '14 Aleks
  • Mr. James L. Stanton and Mrs. Cathy D. Alexander '00
  • Mr. Maitland Alexander
  • Mr. Angelo and Dr. Kathleen Alfano
  • Alfonso B. & Celia E. Perez Trust
  • All Saints Lutheran Church (Novato, CA)
  • All Saints Lutheran Church (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Mr. Teague and Mrs. Armik Allen
  • Mr. Kent and Mrs. Karen Allen
  • Mr. Dana and Mrs. Laurie Allen
  • Marineh Allen
  • Mr. Nolan '85 and Mrs. Alice Allen
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Patricia '74 Allen leaf
  • Mrs. Kathy Allison
  • Ms. Lisa A. Allison '87
  • Mr. Patrick J. Allison '19
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Susan '03 Allison
  • Valerie Allison
  • Bienvenido Alona
  • Mr. Lonnie and Mrs. Stacy Alperson
  • Ms. Joyce Altaffer
  • Dr. Gagik and Mrs. Afsaneh Alvandian
  • Ms. Nicolette Alvandian
  • Mr. Henry and Mrs. Elaine Alvarado
  • Ms. Rachel Alvarado
  • Mrs. Evelyn Alvarez
  • Iliana Alvarez
  • Ms. Natalie A. Alvarez '21
  • Veronica Alvarez
  • Mr. William and Mrs. Jean Amador
  • Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Kirsten Amantia leaf
  • Ms. Natalie M. Amantia '20 leaf
  • AmazonSmile Foundation leaf
  • American Lutheran Church (Sun City, AZ)
  • Kiana Ames
  • Mr. David and Mrs. Krystle '04 Amezcua leaf
  • Amgen Foundation
  • Amgen, Inc.
  • Jaime Ampaya
  • Mr. Tony and Rev. Sharon '91 Amundson
  • Ms. Jessica A. Amzoll '07 leaf
  • Nikolina Anagnostou
  • Ms. Constance D. Anais '91
  • Dr. Taiwo Ande
  • Dr. Gabriel and Dr. Nicole Andeen
  • Dr. Gary and Mrs. Patricia Andeen leaf
  • Mr. Roy W. and Mrs. Lucille Anderberg
  • Rev. Carl '68 and Mrs. Penny Andersen leaf
  • Mrs. Donna J. Andersen '68 leaf
  • Ms. Karen Andersen
  • Ms. Ruth Andersen leaf
  • Andersen Tax
  • Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Alvina '18 Anderson
  • Ms. Ashley L. Anderson '08
  • Mr. Christian Anderson
  • Mr. David '84 and Mrs. Jana Anderson
  • Mrs. Diane Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Robert and Mrs. Gaylene Anderson
  • Mr. Gerald '65 and Mrs. Barbara Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Jack '67 and Mrs. Judith '68 Anderson
  • Jerry Anderson
  • Ms. Jessica Anderson
  • Bishop Emer. J. Roger Anderson, H'87 leaf
  • Dr. Katherine Anderson
  • Mr. Leslie and Mrs. D'Ann Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Marjorie Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Martin E. Anderson and Mrs. Elaine K. Braybrooks
  • Ms. Meribeth Anderson leaf
  • Rev. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Anderson
  • Rev. Drs. Herbert and Phyllis Anderson leaf
  • Rev. Matthew '04 and Mrs. Rebecca '04 Anderson
  • Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Walda Anderson leaf
  • Ms. Ruthe E. Anderson
  • Mr. Stephen Anderson '20
  • Rev. Susan E. Anderson leaf
  • Mr. Andre T. Andoyan '14
  • Ms. Annelise Andrade
  • Ms. Edlin G. Andrade '13
  • Mr. Lloyd '66 and Mrs. Laura Andreas leaf
  • Julie Andreoni
  • Mr. Paul Andrews
  • Mr. Derek '14 and Mrs. Kelly Andrzejewski leaf
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Marjorie Andrzejewski leaf
  • Mr. Arturo and Mrs. Tina Angel
  • Mr. Julio Angel
  • Mr. P. Martin '80 and Mrs. Patricia Angerman
  • Ms. Sandi Angotti
  • Ms. Evette O. Anguiano '20
  • Mr. Philip '93 and Mrs. Connie Ankrom
  • Anonymous (269) leaf
  • Caroline Antaki
  • Mr. Robert and Mrs. Marilyn Anthold leaf
  • Ms. Mary Anthony
  • Dr. Gerhard Apfelthaler leaf
  • Mr. Joshua R. Appel '13
  • Mr. George S. Ball and Dr. Dale M. Appelbaum
  • Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Debbie Appell
  • Ms. Kathryn E. Appell '19
  • Mrs. Amanda Aragon '20
  • Mr. Michael '09 and Mrs. Candice '09 Aragon leaf
  • Fernando Arana
  • Kathy Araneta-Delfin
  • Ms. Marilyn B. Arceo '14
  • Ms. Yolanda R. Arciniega '21
  • Ms. Jennifer Ardy '11
  • Mr. Jorge Arellano
  • Olivia Arellano
  • Mr. Pedro A. Armendariz '19
  • Maren Armour
  • Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Laura Armstrong
  • Mr. Donald '99 and Mrs. Liz Armstrong
  • Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Judith Armstrong
  • Mr. Robert '93 and Mrs. Phoebe Armstrong leaf
  • Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Sally '10 Armstrong
  • Dr. Shane Armstrong '18
  • Rev. Dr. David and Rev. Mary Armstrong-Reiner
  • Mr. Michael J. Arndt leaf
  • Mrs. Dorothy Arnold
  • Mr. Joel '97 and Mrs. Kerri Arnold leaf
  • Mr. Raymundo and Dr. Trudy Arriaga leaf
  • Ms. Linda C. Arriola '20
  • Mr. Todd '91 and Mrs. Laura Arrowsmith
  • Ms. Tania Arroyo '18
  • Ms. Madison Arsanto
  • Ms. Sierra R. Arsitio '21
  • Mr. Demecio and Mrs. Josefina Arteaga
  • Mr. Maximilliano and Mrs. Iris Arteaga
  • Ms. Julie Artoux
  • Ms. Kimberly Arzola '21
  • Mr. Oscar and Mrs. Lauren Arzu
  • Ascension Lutheran Church (Thousand Oaks, CA)
  • Ascension St. Matthews Church (Price, UT)
  • Ms. Cheryl L. Aschenbach '93 leaf
  • Mr. Joey P. Aschoff '86 and Mrs. Joan I. Malcolm-Aschoff leaf
  • Mr. Nathan E. Ash '17
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ash
  • Meghan Ashburn
  • Mr. Donald and Mrs. Cynthia Asher leaf
  • Mr. Larry and Mrs. Karen '91 Ashim
  • Dr. Shannon M. Ashkin '14
  • Mr. Eugene '68 and Mrs. Judith '64 Ashmore leaf
  • Mr. Chikee Asiegbu
  • Mr. Douglas R. Askegard and Mrs. Nathalie M. Gosset
  • Assured Life Association
  • Ms. Jennyfer E. Astorga '19
  • Dr. Juan C. Astorga
  • Joan Atchison
  • Ms. Michelle Atkinson
  • Mr. Ross and Mrs. Patricia '92 Atkinson
  • Mr. David Flack and Mrs. Donna M. Audell-Flack '71
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Jennifer Audette
  • Ms. Rebecca Audette
  • Mr. Joseph A. Audras '20
  • Ms. Barbara J. Augsdorfer '83
  • Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Karen Austad
  • Dr. Kimberly S. Austin '14
  • Dr. Salimu P. Autry '10
  • Alan Avakian
  • Ms. Amanda L. Avella '19
  • Ms. Rhonda Averbach
  • Ms. Paula R. Avery '88
  • Mr. David S. Avila '16
  • Ms. Monique Avina '21
  • Ms. Katia S. Ayala '21
  • Ms. Alyssa Ayan
  • Mr. Mark and Mrs. Connie '83 Azevedo leaf
  • Ms. Omairah Azizi
  • Mr. Erwin and Mrs. Ruth Bachofer
  • Dr. Steven J. Bachofer
  • Mr. Brian and Mrs. Kathleen Back
  • Roberta Backstrom
  • Mr. Ishanjit Singh Badwal '17
  • Zelma Baer
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Melissa '95 Baffa
  • Ms. Paige G. Bagne '21 leaf
  • Ms. Lisa Bagot
  • Ms. Mary C. Bagot '21
  • Mr. David M. Bahou and Mrs. Christina Hartounian
  • Mr. James and Mrs. Madelyn Bailey leaf
  • Mr. Justin Bailey
  • Ms. Kristin A. Bailey '15
  • Mr. Ray and Mrs. Martha Bailey leaf
  • Mr. Richard and Mrs. Janette Bailey
  • Anne Bailis
  • Ms. Marianne Claire B. Bailon '21
  • Mr. Cory Baird
  • Ms. Gail L. Baird '68 leaf
  • Mr. James '71 and Mrs. Janet '80 Baird leaf
  • Mr. John and Mrs. Olga Bajo leaf
  • Maj. Tristan and Mrs. Casey '12 Baker leaf
  • Mr. Geoffrey and Mrs. Dore Baker
  • Rev. Jane '06 and Mr. Barry Baker