Planning Team Members

Strategic Planning Executive Team
  • Lori Varlotta
  • Leanne Neilson
  • Karen Davis
  • Matt Ward
  • Melinda Roper
  • Melissa Maxwell-Doherty
  • Regina Biddings-Muro
  • Cristallea K. Buchanan
  • Tom Hoener
  • Tom Knudsen
  • Taiwo Ande
  • Ryan Van Ommeren
Strategic Planning Team

All members of the Strategic Planning Executive Team, plus the following:

  • Ryan Medders
  • Michael Hart
  • Rachel Ronning-Lindgren
  • Kevin Baxter
  • Sarah Garcia
  • Tim Hengst
  • Michael Panesis
  • Vanessa Webster-Smith
  • Diane Rodriguez-Kiino
  • Mike Hillis

Purpose of Planning Team and Theme Teams

Planning Team
  • Leads campus discussion on Strategic Plan
  • Develops the Strategy Map. Sets Theme descriptions, measures, and targets.
  • Builds the strategic plan. Is the final arbitrator on initiatives suggested by the community and Theme Teams and on measures and targets. Ensures appropriateness of strategic objectives and no duplication.
  • Appoints the Data Collection Steward
  • Monitors progress of the plan, helps clear obstacles and makes any necessary plan adjustments
  • Is responsible for deciding on campus access to the planning website that includes the Thriving Scorecard software
  • Planning Team remains in place for duration of strategic plan – membership should be reviewed every two years
Theme Teams
  • Advise the Planning Team on initiatives for each strategic objective under their specific theme
  • Engage other campus constituencies in the development of initiatives (when appropriate)
  • Facilitate in identifying appropriate data sources for the approved measures, as appropriate
  • Theme teams are dissolved once the Planning Team moves to finalization of the plan