Five Strategic Goals

In the next five years Cal Lutheran will:

  1. Guide students to discover and live their purpose
    with real-world learning experiences, excellent academic and career mentoring, and a campus environment that promotes inclusion.
  2. Continue to set high institutional academic standards
    with distinguished faculty who embody and embrace diversity and with widely respected academic programs.
  3. Support student achievement across all programs
    with equitable treatment for all students, by enhancing student services and by utilizing the most pedagogically appropriate delivery methods for student learning.
  4. Build and modernize sustainable facilities
    for an environment that sustains social, cultural, and intellectual activity while respecting and protecting the planet.
  5. Attract students of high ideals and promise
    by enhancing regional and national awareness of CLU's mission, by raising the profiles of students who are drawn to our mission, and by offering new programs and scholarships to attract these students.