Computer Science

Computer Science is the analytic and practical study of the feasibility, framework, expression, and automation of the methodical processes.

Expertise of Computer Science is of great demand in a variety of professions; including software system, engineering, gaming, entertainment, mobile applications, and many more.

The curriculum at Cal Lutheran:

  • Follows that recommended by the Association of Computing Machinery
  • Empowers students via a wide variety of electives

Program Requirements

Required credits: 48 credits minimum; 36 upper division credits. 2.0 minimum GPA.

Required Courses
Computer Science

CSC 210 (4) Introduction to Computer Programming
CSC 220 (4) Advanced Computer Programming
CSC 335 (4) Software Engineering 
CSC 340 (4) Operating Systems
CSC 350 (4) Data Communications & Networks
CSC 499 (4) Capstone

Elective Courses in Major

20 additional upper division Computer Science credits.


MATH 241 (4) Discrete Mathematics

Minor Requirements

Required credits: 20 Computer Science credits minimum; 12 credits upper division.


Choose how you want to attend class – in-person at one of our campus locations or virtually*.

Note: Some business courses may need to be completed on the Thousand Oaks campus.

* Virtual courses pending WASC approval

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