All new research projects need to complete the IRB Application Form (forms), the Study Protocol Template (templates), and the Informed Consent Template (templates) for review. Once completed you may email them to to initate the review process.  Also, please make sure to submit applicable email/telephone scripts and/or letters that will be used for recruitment purposes.  In addition, please include school approval letters, if applicable.

For any questions, please contact the IRB Committee at the above noted email address.





Investigator Manual



Any students or faculty conducting human subjects research are required to complete the initial CITI Training most appropriate for their research area.  Individuals conducting Social Behavioral research should complete the Social Behavioral Sciences CITI Training and those conducting biomedical research (ie. Exercise Sciences) should complete the Biomedical Sciences CITI Training.

In order to maintain CITI certification, a refresher course must be completed every three years.

Instructions to Create a NEW CITI Account

"How to complete CITI Training":

  • Choose California Lutheran University as your institution.
  • On the Main Page, choose Group 3 to begin the course.
  • Complete the required modules and associated quizzes.  You may re-review the modules and repeat and quizzes to attain the overall passing score of 80%.
  • Upon successful completion of the modules and quizzes, print a copy of your completion report/certificate for your records.