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IRB Committee Members:

New IRB Members are required to complete initial CITI training for IRB Members, which includes modules covering the history and purpose of IRB regulations, ethical principles related to human subjects research, and regulations applying to studies enrolling certain vulnerable populations and various types of studies.

All IRB Members are required to maintain on-going human subjects research protections training via CITI.  



Any students or faculty conducting human subjects research are required to complete the initial CITI training most appropriate for their research area, ie. Social Behavioral Sciences or Biomedical Science (Exercise Sciences). Training certificates must be current, within the last 3 years, to be accepted.

Cayuse Software – Researchers Training Video

Cayuse Software – Researchers Training Audio

Cayuse Software – Researchers Training Video Transcript

How to create a NEW CITI Account/Add a Course
You can access CITI training through the  MyCLU webpage, under "Tools and Support".