External Funding

OSRP can help grant seekers with:

  • Identifying funding sources.
  • Ensuring all application guidelines are followed.
  • Providing feedback to strengthen proposal narratives.
  • Calculating budget costs.
  • Obtaining necessary university approvals prior to submission.
  • Providing other technical assistance as needed.

Cal Lutheran faculty seeking any type of external funding are required to work with OSRP to gain approval from campus officials prior to submitting a letter of intent, grant application, or other type of funding solicitation.

Cal Lutheran staff are also required to work with OSRP if the proposal is in response to a request for proposal (e.g., a funder’s call for a specific type of project) or involves academic resources (e.g., faculty compensation, time, space, or other financial resources).

Preparation Time

The strength of your proposal will benefit from adequate planning and preparation time. It is advised that you contact OSRP as soon as you decide to pursue a grant so we can help you determine key deadlines. Keep in mind that some funders can take up to six months to make a decision. OSRP needs a minimum of two weeks to review your proposal narrative and help you obtain necessary approvals.