and Creative Scholarship

Culver Behavioral Science Research Fellowship

The Culver Mentor and Research Fellows program is an endowed program that supports undergraduate research and creative scholarship in the disciplines of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division.  Specifically, these grants support projects in Communication, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology.

Faculty can apply to be Culver Mentors by submitting project proposals for completion during an academic year.  Up to 6 awards may be given for each academic year and up to 2 for an intensive summer research experience.  Each faculty whose project is selected invites 2-5 outstanding students to work with them as Culver Research Fellows.  The goal of these fellowships is to have students engage in research or creative scholarship that is faculty-mentored and can be submitted to a regional or national conference, or journal with the Culver Fellows included as co-presenters or co-authors.  Projects from each of the Social and Behavioral Sciences disciplines are desired, but all must meet the criteria of fully engaging students in all aspects of the research process.

Culver Research Fellows receive 1-2 units of academic credit per semester.  Summer Research Fellows receive a $1,500 stipend with the expectation that they will work approximately 20 hrs per week on the summer project.  Faculty compensation is $2400 for the academic year and $1500 for the eight-week summer session.  In addition, funds are available for supplies and for both Mentor and Fellows to travel to present their research at a conference.

The application deadline for both the academic year beginning in the fall and for the summer session is March 1.  If March 1 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, applications are due by 5:00 pm the following Monday.

 Program Goals

The goal of the Culver Mentor and Research Fellows program is to have students engage in research that is faculty-mentored and presentable beyond the university.  The quality of the mentoring from the faculty member is vital as the goal of this program is to advance the students in their professional and personal development.    Projects across the range of disciplines in the Social and Behavioral Sciences are desired; the form of the project will necessarily vary depending on the nature of the research in the discipline. The common feature is that all projects are scholarly, with a focus placed on engaging the Culver Research Fellows in an educationally meaningful way as well as on producing a product that can be submitted for presentation or publication in a professional venue. Fellows will also present at either Festival of Scholars or at the Fall Undergraduate Research Conference on campus.


Proposals will be made through the OURCS and should include:

  • Evidence that the proposed Mentor has experience engaging students collaboratively in research/scholarship
  • Mentor’s record of successfully having research/scholarship accepted for publication or presentation
  • A written recommendation of the Mentor from their department chair or a senior member of their department.
  • Proposal should also include
    • Title of the project
    • A 2-page description of the research/scholarship that the Mentor and Fellows intend to conduct. This should include the purpose of the research, the types of methods that will be used, a timeline for developing and carrying out the project.
    • Possible venues for presentation beyond CLU
    • Estimated consumable costs.
    • A mentoring plan (planned meetings etc)
    • Names of Culver Fellow(s) who will be participating, their GPAs in their major and a brief description of why each was selected.

Download application here: Culver Application Document