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Native American/American Indian & Alaskan Native Heritage Month

Native American/American Indian & Alaskan Native Heritage Month

November is Native American/ American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month.

The month is a time to celebrate rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories and to acknowledge the important contributions of Native people.

Here is what the CCEI has planned for the month. More information will come soon!


Celebrating Indigenous Peoples'

Each Monday and Friday throughout November, the CCEI will be highlighting Indigenous folks on the Student Life Instagram (@clustudentlife)

Curated Boxes

On Wednesday, November 11th at 11AM we will be dropping the link for the Google form in this event description to sign up for a special curated box for Native American/American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month! We will feature items from The NTVS, Honyoutink, 8th Generation, Tanka, and more!

The boxes are limited to the first 30 students to sign up on the Google form, so you will want to add this to your calendar!

Playlist in the Park

Join the CCEI in Kingsmen Park to listen to music showcasing Indigenous artists and be one of the first 20 students to receive a free lunch! Date and time TBD.

Traditional Chumash and Tataviam Storytelling with Alan Salazar

On Wednesday, November 18th at 7:00pm, the CCEI will host Chumash and Tataviam elder, Alan Salazar for an evening of traditional storytelling. In addition to being a storyteller, Alan is a consultant/monitor, a spiritual adviser, and a traditional paddler of Chumash canoes. Alan had also been a preschool teacher and a juvenile institution officer. This event will be held on Zoom (link in event description on the HUB)

This event is part of the Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion series.

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