Senior Salute Day

Senior Salute Day

Please join us to order your cap and gown and get important information on graduation, student loan counseling, career and graduate school opportunities post-graduation, and more!

Advanced sign ups for this event is required. Please only RSVP for 1 person (yourself). RSVPs that are submitted for more than 1 person will be deleted.

Please note: This event is optional and will follow social distancing guidelines. We are limited to a maximum number of participants at a given time. Arriving early or late to the event may result in your inability to participate. Please arrive on time and plan to spend about 30 minutes at the event to visit the tables and order your Cap and Gown. Masks that cover the face and nose are required for all participants at all times. If you are unable to attend or all sign up slots become full, you will be given the opportunity to purchase your Cap and Gown online or by phone. More information will be sent to you soon.


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