CLU Winter Screen Dance Concert 2021 and Live Post performance Question and Answer Session

Welcome to the first ever CLU Winter Screen Dance Concert! 

A webinar in which the first CLU Winter Screen Dance Concert will be streamed and then creators of the CLU Winter Screen Dance Concert talk about their process and answer questions from the viewers. RSVP at the following link to get the info for joinging the webinar:

Screen Dance has been developing since the advent of moving film. But it has reached heightened importance in the current pandemic. Along with university dance programs across the nation, our Department of Theater and Dance launched into screen dance. We began adding to our choreographic skills, knowledge of shot angles, shot composition, focal length, key light, fill light, editing, and so much more. We were graciously supported by the leadership and students in the CLU Film and TV Department.
The first two screen dances in our concert, “an admission of silence.” and “Vanquish” have been submitted to the American College Dance Association Screen Dance Festival. These dances will be adjudicated by a panel of professional screen dance choreographers. Ten dances will be selected to be honored in a national screen dance festival.
“Unbound”, the final dance in our Winter Screen Dance Concert, was the first ever screen dance produced at CLU. Created Fall semester 2019, it premiered in a non-adjudicated showing at the American College Dance Association Baja Conference March 2020. It has gone on to win numerous awards in film festivals across the nation.


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