CLU Fest 2021

CLU Fest 2021

The year 2020 was a massive test of skill—how one deals with insane quantities of boredom. Well, dream of doing something no longer! CLUFest 2021 is here to bring a little bit of pep back into your step. Join us online as we show off our skills and have some fun. This year's theme is Dreamland! Where else can you go to escape this shared nightmare of the past year? Here in the land of dreams anything is possible—you could ride a horse on the moon or take a vacation in an arctic volcano. Join us as we take a trip through your wildest dreams and help us make some magic.

We are accepting any kind of multimedia artwork! Graphics, Films, Photography, Animations, Motion Graphics, Posters, etc. If it's digital we will accept it! Go ahead and submit something now—you can always do another submission later.

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Sponsored By

California Lutheran University Multimedia Department


Emily Carlson