TechTalk Speaker Series: Data Science in the World

TechTalk Speaker Series: Data Science in the World

In this installment of the TechTalk Speaker Series, we are joined by Jeremy Greene, VP, Head of Data Science for Retina AI, who will explore the topic of careers in data science and what makes a good data scientist. Greene will talk through some real case studies on how data science interfaces with a marketing team and other departments within an organization, then take audience questions in this interactive, virtual session.

About Jeremy Greene:

Jeremy has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from UC San Diego and is an industry leader in analytics and data science. After completing his Ph.D., he spent 5 years at FICO building fraud detection machine learning models for some of the largest insurance companies globally. He then spent the next 4.5 years at the popular micro-investing fintech app, Acorns, where he was the Head of Data Science and Analytics. Jeremy was the first data science resource hired at Acorns in 2016 when the company only had 100 people. By the time he left, Acorns had 300 people and he had built the data organization to roughly 14 people. He is currently the VP, Head of Data Science for RetinaAI, the leading customer intelligence solution that provides accurate customer lifetime value metrics early in the customer journey. He also lectures analytics courses at Loyola Marymount University's College of Business Administration and he is on the Board for the MSFE Program at Claremont Graduate University's Drucker School of Management.


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