Community Land Intention: Sacred Tobacco Blessing and The Eagle Dance

Community Land Intention: Sacred Tobacco Blessing and The Eagle Dance

As our community begins a journey of intention to acknowledge the Land upon which Cal Lutheran rests, please join Indigenous Educators Kathy Willcuts and Steven Garcia as they invite ancestors of the Land to be part of the healing offered to the Land, and to students, faculty, staff.

Land acknowledgments have become an important aspect of institutions seeking to heal relationships with Land and Indigenous Peoples. We at Cal Lutheran cannot make an acknowledgment until we first seek restoration in relationship. Tobacco is a sacred medicine that has been given so that we may communicate with the spiritual world. The Eagle is a sacred bird who travels freely between heaven and earth. It is a symbol of wisdom, power, and strength. Kathy and Steve offer these rites as a movement toward healing for the Land and the communities who lived and live here.

Steven Jon Garcia is Tongva, Mescalero Apache, Yaqui, Swedish, Italian, Mongolian Russian, Austrian who is a Cultural Educator, Artist, Mural Artist, Northern Traditional Dancer, Actor, Musician, and Surfer.

Kathy Ann Willcuts is Lakota - bands: Itazipco, Mnicoujou, Sicangu, Irish, Scottish, French and is a Cultural Educator, Jewelry maker, Northern Traditional Dancer, and Herbalist with knowledge of Lakota Traditional Foods. 

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