Interfaith Allies

The Interfaith Allies are a group of students, faculty, and staff that look to promote interfaith cooperation and dialogue between faiths and non-faith groups.

What is "Interfaith"?

  • Interfaith cooperation is a cross-religious effort focused on understanding and service.
  • Understanding is facilitated often through larger and more intimate conversations of people with different faith/non-faith traditions about shared values and different beliefs.
  • A community service component is often introduced once initial understanding and respect is established, as well as reflection throughout and afterwards.

Sample of Events Include:

  • Interfaith Holiday Dinner
  • Fireside Chats & Courageous Conversations
  • Better Together Day
  • Interfaith Service Days
  • Hunger Banquet

 How do I become an Interfaith Ally?

  1. Attend an interfaith program or event and join the conversation! Both the Community Service Center and Campus Ministry have programs related to interfaith engagement!
  2. Attend an Interfaith Allies workshop and gain skills that will help you learn more about yourself and others!