Log Service Hours

CLU's Online Volunteer Portal - CLUServes

CLUServes is our new online volunteer portal for the Cal Lutheran community! Log on today to learn about service opportunities, upcoming events, log completed service hours, and more!

With CLUServes, you can:

  • Find volunteer opportunities in Ventura County
  • Explore virtual service resources and opportunities
  • Connect directly to parter organizations
  • Discover upcoming Community Service Center programming
  • Log service hours to keep track of your progress and reach goals
  • Download your customized volunteer resume
  • Register and volunteer with a team
  • Log hours toward your clubs and organizations' service project requirements
  • and so much more!



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Clubs and Organizations Service Project Requirement

Each academic year, undergraduate student clubs and organizations are required to complete one service project in order to apply for ASCLUG funding for the following year. Updated guidelines and forms can also be found on your club portal.

Below outlines how the Clubs and Orgs Service Project Requirement has changed since the 2020 academic year. Most importantly, each club member will be responsible for logging their own hours on CLUServes, and designating what club (or “user group”) they want those hours to go to.

  • Club members are allowed to complete individual service projects rather than only group service projects.
  • The Community Service Center has launched our online volunteer portal, called CLUServes, for the Cal Lutheran community! Clubs and individuals will now log their service hours via CLUServes. When logging hours on CLUServes, club members will be able to indicate which club group they want these hours to go toward.  In total, clubs must still show that 50% of club members completed a service project. CSC staff will confirm that this is completed by viewing the logged hours on CLUServes.
  • Due to the allowance of individual service projects, all projects do not need to be approved ahead of time by the Community Service Center.

Please email csc@callutheran.edu with any questions.