Ways To Serve

Community Service Center Events

Our Upcoming Events page includes university sponsored service opportunities and outside community opportunities.

Upcoming CSC Events

Service & Justice Events

Other on-campus organizations frequently sponsor service and justice events which can be found in the Hub.

Check the Hub

Local Organizations List

Find a local organization in the Ventura County area to serve, categorized by service type.

Organizations List

Service Clubs

Several student clubs and organizations are dedicated to community service and justice. Get involved with these groups to help build your network and encourage the service spirit at Cal Lutheran.

Service Clubs

Local Events on GivePulse

Our GivePulse directory includes local service opportunities and events which we encourage all Cal Lutheran students to join.

GivePulse Page

Alternative Breaks

Give back by donating your time to a service project over winter, spring, or summer break. Join fellow Cal Lutheran students and faculty and staff on a trip to help people and organizations in both the United States and outside of the country.

Alternative Breaks

 Non-Profit Internships

The “4A Cause” Internship Program gives undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to work with a nonprofit organization for a cause that they feel passionate about helping. There are many options: social justice, animal rights, public policy, environmental issues, social services, and more.

4A Cause Internships