For Faculty & Staff

Services for Faculty & Staff

Counseling and Psychological Services does not directly provide therapy services for permanent employees of Cal Lutheran. We can, however, assist you in finding the appropriate mental health referral. Please contact Dr. Ginny Maril at or call (805) 493-3727 to schedule a consultation.

Helping Students and the Cal Lutheran Community

Cal Lutheran faculty and staff are key contributors to student success. Counseling and Psychological Services is excited to work with you toward that goal. Our professional staff are available to collaborate with you regarding work-related or student-related issues. Consultation services are free and available to any academic department, staff or faculty member, or administrative unit.

The manual for Helping Students in Distress is a comprehensive guide that covers a range of topics for your reference. Learning that a student is experiencing hardship and trying to figure out how to help them can be daunting. CAPS is here to assist you in navigating situations where you would like additional assistance. You may also wish to involve the resources behind Cal Lutheran's CARE Team. The CARE Team serves the university and individual students by arranging, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating, and advocating for students in need of assistance. To do that, please email or contact any CARE Team member.

To refer a student to CAPS, please have them call (805) 493-3727 to schedule an appointment. For urgent situations, we are typically able to see students on the same day. Students are advised to come into our office and request an urgent care appointment. You are also welcome to call for the student or come with them.

For more information, see How to Refer Someone.